One Hundred and One Dalmatians

the great classic

reborn as a memecoin



101 Dalmatians Token is a tribute to the classic animated film that has captivated generations. As an ERC20 token, it offers fast and cost-effective transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, making it ideal for everyday use.

Just like the adorable Dalmatian puppies in the movie, our token is designed to be fun and playful. With a total supply of 101 million tokens, thesecure transactions using blockchain technology. The 101 Dalmatians Token is designed to be a unique investment opportunity for fans of the beloved Disney film.




a thrilling adventure

The token’s name is inspired by the courageous and loyal 101 Dalmatians who embark on a thrilling adventure to rescue their beloved pups from the clutches of the evil Cruella de Vil. Much like these beloved characters, the 101 Dalmatians Token is built on the principles of friendship, bravery, and determination. Here is what’s going to happen…

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